Term of Award

Spring 2014

Degree Name

ED.S in Instructional Technology

Document Type and Release Option

Education Specialist Paper (restricted to Georgia Southern)


Leadership, Technology, and Human Development

Education Specialist Chair

Randy Carlson

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A study was conducted on using technology assisted instruction through the use of iPads in the second grade inclusion classroom. iPad applications and traditional reading instruction were utilized by the researcher to increase participants’ independent reading levels. An assessment was administered on the first day of the study to determine each participant’s independent reading level. The same assessment was re-administered every two weeks to evaluate the progress of the participants. During weeks three, four, seven, and eight, traditional reading instruction was implemented by the researcher. Although there was a trend toward improved scores from the pretest to the Week 8 assessment and the repeated-measures ANOVA indicated that all five means were not the same, the application of a conservative approach to follow up testing resulted in the conclusion that the change in scores from one time point to the next did not differ to a statistically significant degree.