The Eight One: Naturalistic Intelligence

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Contribution to Book

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Multiple Intelligences Reconsidered




Georgia Southern faculty member Marla B. Morris authored "The Eight One: Naturalistic Intelligence" in Multiple Intelligences Reconsidered.

Book Summary: Twenty years after the publication of Howard Gardner’s Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, Joe L. Kincheloe and the contributing authors of Multiple Intelligences Reconsidered critique and rethink the theory in new frames of reference. Initially drawn to multiple intelligences (MI) theory because of its self-proclaimed challenge to the psychology establishment, the authors delineate their disillusionment with its evolution over the last two decades. The critiques provided here open exciting new doors to innovation in educational psychology and pedagogy, and move the fields in the direction initially promised by MI theory. Each intelligence presented by Gardner is examined and critiqued, while larger concepts in the theory are identified and assessed.