Web-enabled Software for Real-time Autonomous Wireless Sensors Data Visualization

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Proceedings of the International Conference on Industrial Control Network and System Engineering Research




Real-time autonomous wireless sensors must provide information that is both accurate and timely. With the widespread of IoT, a myriad of sensors are producing a large quantity of numeric data. Still, as users, we are inclined to consume data that has been processed and displayed as visual information in order to facilitate decision processes.

Web standards have evolved significantly over the past decade with X3D being adopted as an open ISO standard for Web3D. X3D and associated extensions like WebGL allows web-enabled visualization and facilitates remote collaboration.

In this paper, we present a software architecture that allows data collection from IoT sensors, data processing and an interactive Web-enabled 3D visualization using the X3D standard for soft real-time systems. We also discuss the potential applications of such a system in several domains.


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