A Cross Layer Protocol for Traffic Management in Social Internet of Vehicles

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Future Generation Computer Systems






One of the important members of Internet of Things (IoT); transportation vehicles are utilizing sudden advancements of communication technology. Now days, to make the Social IoT (SIoT) a reality there are many on-going world-wide research initiatives and standardization efforts. Internet of Vehicles (IoV) is an extension to the concept of SIoT that proposes Social Internet of Vehicles (SIoV). SIoV is an example of SIoT, where Smart vehicles are the objects of SIoT that builds social relationship and interchanges information to enhance the driving knowledge and gives various services to the drivers. In this paper, the proposed Vehicular Social Networks based on the VIoT consist of a large number of sensors that transmit data wirelessly. However, the very high heterogeneity in hardware capabilities of things and QoS requirements for different applications limits the performance of classical layered protocol solutions and the existing cross-layer solutions for wireless sensor networks. The results show that the proposed VSNP (Vehicular Social Network Protocol) for VIoT based on WSN solution can achieve a global communication optimum and outperforms existing layered solutions. The novel cross-layer module is a primary step towards providing efficient traffic management and reliable vehicle to vehicle communication in the SIoT. We have proposed an algorithm to control traffic congestion and road safety for VIoT.