Collection Development Policy for Digital Commons

Background Information

Georgia Southern University began hosting an institutional repository in the fall of 2009 utilizing the DSpace platform and an implementation called Eagle Scholar. During this time, Georgia Southern also participated in the GALILEO Knowledge Repository, a statewide incentive funded by a grant, to develop a consortia level repository composed of numerous college and university repositories in Georgia.

At the end of the grant period, it was clear that Georgia Southern needed a more robust platform for the institutional repository that would not require extensive on site programming and support. For this reason, Digital Commons was selected as the platform for the repository, and the name was subsequently changed to Digital Commons@Georgia Southern in the spring of 2013. Content was moved from EagleScholar to Digital Commons and the new repository began to accept submissions in the fall of 2013.

Institutional Repository Mission

The mission of the institutional repository is closely aligned to support the missions of both the institution and the library. Digital Commons@Georgia Southern provides access to information, services and collections designed to meet the scholarly needs of the University and the worldwide community through online access. The repository provides access to collections that often are not accessible elsewhere, and provides an open-access publishing platform for faculty and student research.

The Repository Collection

Submissions to the repository are facilitated by the Zach Henderson Library at the author’s or community’s request. Open access journals, student projects, theses, dissertations, pre and post-print articles, creative works, instructional resources and university archival material are all candidates for deposit. Digital Commons@Georgia Southern also has the capability to publish peer-reviewed scholarly journals and conferences. Materials may be deposited in a variety of formats including PDF, video, audio, and more.

Collection Development Priorities

  • Theses and dissertations
  • Journals and conferences hosted in Digital Commons
  • Honors theses and capstone projects
  • Conference, symposia, and other event content (Georgia Southern faculty and student)
  • Faculty scholarship, including gray literature, articles, pre-prints/post-prints, book chapters, conference papers, presentations
  • Institutional documents and publications
  • Professional organization documents
  • Photographs, art, creative collections (faculty and student)
  • Performances, lectures (faculty and student)
  • Student media publications
  • Peer-reviewed journals edited by Georgia Southern faculty and students
  • Resources unique to Georgia Southern


The Henderson Library reserves the right to accept or reject content posted to the institutional repository Digital Commons@Georgia Southern. All deposited works must have copyright clearance.