Lessons Learned From Scholars Lost

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Certainly as PIs and Co-PIs in the Noyce Scholarship Program, we would like to attract new public school teachers who are ideally suited to the profession and are likely to remain in the classroom for the next 30 years. However, our role as Noyce grant admin-istrators is more intricate than one would imagine. While we are apprehensive at the prospect of not meeting our scholar quota, our teacher candidates are worried about their suitability for the classroom. A scientific formula is insufficient to make accurate decisions regarding our scholar selections. What criteria should we use to deny an applicant admission to the program? What rule should we use to cut off the funds for one apparently doomed to fail? There may be indicators in the application proc-ess, or in our scholars' early performance, that could predict future success or failure for our scholars. Our program has lost several scholars at varying stages. Case studies of these teacher candidates will be presented along with retrospective insights obtained from interviews with the former scholars after leaving the program. The information provided should prove useful to future Noyce PIs.


NSF Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program Conference


Washington, DC