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The equine industry, despite its considerable impact on the economy, remains overlooked in contemporary supply chain research. The current paper aims at narrowing the gap along two directions: First, the equine industry supply chain is conceptualized, and its main participants and relationships involved are identified. Second, the complex nature of these relationships is illustrated within the context of a specific strategic decision, outsourcing. For years, outsourcing was considered a formal transaction-cost economics decision with little or no consideration for additional factors. This limiting perspective provides the stimulus for the current study’s use of a qualitative approach to get a better understanding of additional factors affecting the decision. A series of in-depth interviews with horse owners and trainers in the equine industry revealed that, in addition to a detailed cognitive assessment of the transporter capabilities, the outsourcing decision involves a considerable emotional component.

About the Authors

Stefan E. Genchev (PhD, The University of Oklahoma) is a Professor of Marketing in the College of Business at the University of Central Oklahoma. He has published in Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Business Logistics, Transportation Research: Part E., International Journal of Logistics Management, Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, and Business Horizons. Before joining Academia, he worked for the DHL International for several years in Bulgaria.

Gordon T. Gray (Ph.D., The University of Oklahoma) is a Professor of Marketing at the University of Central Oklahoma. He teaches courses in consumer behavior, retail management, and international marketing. His research has been published in Psychology and Marketing, The Marketing Review, The Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, and other academic journals. His research interests include strategic marketing, marketing strategy measurement, marketing education, and sports marketing. Prior to his academic career, he worked for several years as an information systems consultant.

Stacia Wert-Gray (Ph.D., The University of Oklahoma) is a Professor of Marketing and Department Chair at the University of Central Oklahoma. Her research has appeared in a wide range of journals including Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, Psychology & Marketing, and Journal of Marketing Education. She is interested in topics that relate to equestrian sports.

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