The Relationship Between Retail Store Types and Consumer Price Expectations

Sua Jeon, Texas Wesleyan University

Sua Jeon is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Texas Wesleyan University. She received her PhD in Marketing from the University of North Texas. Her research interest is the areas of brand management, intellectual capital, and customer value creation. To date, her research appears in Journal of Business Research, Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences, and Journal of Fashion Business.


As consumers hold distinct belief about competing retailers, there has been considerable development in the way brands are managed in the field of retailing and firms are making significant efforts to create ever richer and more differentiated store identities (Beristain and Zorrilla 2011). Given the abundant choices of retail formats and diverse product categories and brands available to consumers, retailers use every means available to survive and compete (Kumar et al. 2017).

This study provides useful managerial insights into the roles of price expectations in consumer purchase decisions in different product categories along with both national or store brands. With respect to price expectation, store brand equity has been shown to vary across consumers, creating an opportunity for segmenting and targeting consumers on the basis of price. In particular, this study is unique in that it shows how consumer characteristics relate to retail brand equity.