Use of Social Media by Sales Students for First Post-Graduation Job-Search: An Exploratory Study

Linda G. Mullen, Georgia Southern University
Randy S. Stuart, Kennesaw State University
Michael L. Thomas, Georgia Southern University

Linda G. Mullen, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Marketing and Director of the Center for Excellence in Sales, at Georgia Southern University. Dr. Mullen joined the faculty Georgia Southern University in August 2004. Her teaching is in the areas of general marketing, sales, advanced sales and sales management. Research interests are in the area of pedagogical, sales and ethics. Her research has been published in Marketing Education Review, Journal of Marketing Education, The CPA Journal, Journal of Forensic Studies in Accounting and Business, and Journal of International Case Studies.

Randy S. Stuart received her MBA with a concentration in Marketing from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She teaches Principles of Marketing, Retail and Retail Management. She joined the Kennesaw State University faculty in August 1998 after a 25-year career in retail, wholesale sales and part-time teaching. Stuart worked in retail management for Walgreen Drug Stores and then in wholesale sales in the confectionary, women’s clothing, and gift and souvenir industries.

Michael L. Thomas, Ph.D., Chair and Associate Professor Department of Marketing, College of Business, Georgia Southern University received his MBA and PhD from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. Previously, he earned his bachelor degree from St. Norbert College. Dr. Thomas’s teaching interests include marketing management, strategic management, retailing and advertising, and his research streams include marketing strategy, cause-related marketing and customer delight. Prior to his work in academia, Dr. Thomas spent 11 years in corporate insurance culminating with an appointment to vice president with a publicly traded firm in the northeast.


As students who studied/majored in professional sales approach graduation and start looking for their first post-graduation/entry-level positions, what avenues are used to pursue these opportunities? One might suspect that with the explosion of social media and the millennial generation’s prolific use of said media this would be their preferred choice for job hunting. Are sales students engaging social media and other online activities to land entry-level career positions or are they still using traditional methods (i.e. College/University Career Fairs, College/University Career Services, Internships, etc.) to find these positons? This paper looks at the avenues millennial students who studied/majored in professional sales use to land their first post-college graduation sales positions.