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Few faculty members give much thought to joining the "Dark Side" of the academy--administration, preferring instead to be left alone to pursue their scholarly research, classroom instruction and professional affiliations. Yet at no time in our history has b-school leadership been more important. Facing multiple threats from global economic meltdown, for-profit online programs and global educational competition, traditional b-schools need to attract and maintain dynamic leaders who must identify innovative ways to reinvent, reposition, and reignite their faculty and programs for success in the 21st century while maintaining their heritage and values that alumni and other stakeholders come to expect. As business educators, we have not done a particularly good job of practicing what we teach as it relates to management succession. A number of schools, faced with vacancies in the dean's office, have looked to outside candidates from business or public administration to fill the void, frequently with disastrous results. This session will explore the frequently ignored or misunderstood role of the b-school dean in the development of talent for the long-term benefit of the academy. Two deans, both marketing professors--one from a private northeastern institution, the other from a public southern school--present their perspectives on deaning and talent development. One male, one female presenter will share their views on what it takes to be a b-school dean and why young faculty members should be identified, developed and placed in the pipeline to become business school administrators. A case study is utilized to drive home the salient issues.

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