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Paul A. Rodell and Cathy Skidmore-Hess are Co-editors


Contributions published in this Special Report:

  • The Russian Invasion of Ukraine: Economic Impacts on the Developing World - Philip Szmedra
  • The War on Ukraine and Global Food Supply: Humanitarian & Structural Considerations - William Biebuyck
  • A View of African Interests in the War on Ukraine: The Past and Future of the African Struggle for Non-alignment - Aran MacKinnon and Elaine MacKinnon
  • The War in Ukraine and the Middle East - Jacek Lubecki
  • Dorothea A.L. Hoffman-Martin, China's Balancing Act in Response to the War in Ukraine
  • Kalyan Chatterjee, Russian Invasion of Ukraine – Indian Foreign Policy Turns Full Circle
  • Paul A. Rodell, Southeast Asian Complexity and Ukraine
  • Michael Bess, Historicizing and Contextualizing Mexico's Reaction to the Ukraine Crisis 67 Membership in Association of Global South Studies, Inc.
  • Brian R. Parkinson, Waves Originating from Distant Shores: The Ripple Effects of the War in Ukraine on South American States
  • Notes on Contributors
  • About the Association of Global South Studies, Inc.

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Special Report: The Global South & Ukraine