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The National Youth-At-Risk Journal (NYAR Journal) is an open-access, peer-reviewed online journal that publishes educational articles on how to reduce harmful risk conditions and promote the well-being of all youth, especially vulnerable youth in schools, families, and communities. The journal is a publication of the College of Education at Georgia Southern University and is sponsored by the National Youth-At-Risk Conference Savannah.

Spring 2017: Priority Deadline January 1, 2017
Special Themed Issue
"Helping Students and Schools in Poverty"
Open to any submissions focused on issue theme

Individuals are welcome to contact journal editor (nyarjournal@georgiasouthern.edu) with any questions about the submission process or to seek feedback on a submission idea (1-2 paragraphs maximum).

Current Issue: Volume 1, Issue 2 Spring 2016

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Research Article


Understanding Forced Sex During Adolescence: An Exploratory Study of Risk and Protective Factors
Moya L. Alfonso, Robert L. Vogel, Akrati Gupta, and Karmen S. Williams

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