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With a degree in biology you can help make this a better planet. Whether it is restoring dunes to protect Georgia’s beaches, developing plans to prevent the spread of invasive species, protecting the calving grounds of the Right Whale, fighting human diseases, or protecting diamond-back terrapins, getting a degree in biology will help you help the world around you.

Our Department of Biology offers two undergraduate degrees: a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Both programs offer a broad, foundational education in the biological sciences through research and lab training.

The goal of both programs is to prepare you for professional careers in the health sciences, biological sciences, and science education, or to obtain an advanced degree in science. In both programs, you’ll gain practical experience with up-to-date research and laboratory techniques, critical thinking, and independent learning in each of 3 sub-disciplines of biology (Cell and Molecular, Organismal, and Ecology and Evolution).


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