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I challenge you to make a television show (22 minutes of content/30 minutes in length) with only the equipment you have in your home. Plus, you will be working with two other people you never meet in person. have to make your show about the people you live with. Plus, you only have about four weeks from the first shoot to the final edit.

This was the challenge faced by the students of the Television Pilot class this summer, as coronavirus made it very difficult for them to produce a television show.

Three groups, independently produced a show and all three premiere tonight. For two of the groups, reality TV was an easier genre to produce remotely. One group decided to make a cooking show.

City Farmers is about a husband and wife trying to deal with each other's unique quirks. The husband, a fun-loving country gentleman who likes four-wheeling and outdoor fun. His wife just wants to keep her house free from all his junk.

Grademic takes a look at life for college students during the coronavirus quarantine. The show focuses on two roommates, one is looking for a job after graduation, the other just wants to pass his summer course, and both of them deliver pizza, trying to make a buck. The show givesyou a sense of what life is like for millions of college students in the United States.

Finally, Killer Cookies asks the age-old question, "What's the grossest cookie we can bake?" Two contestants choose from a list of ingredients to make a cookie to die for...well actually, no one dies, but they might want to after they take a bite out of the concoctions made during this show. In the end, the team creates a batch of good cookies and treats the local nurses to the treats.

It was a fun semester, and the students rose to the occasion. It took teamwork and collaboration to make these shows. Hours were spent in Zoom meetings critiquing the photography, the content, and the edited work. Everyone knew the final product wouldn't be perfect, but they knew that the process of making a show and the amount of effort they expended was the most important part. It was a great learning experience. If these students can complete a task like this in the time they had, then they should be on to a wonderful future.


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