This paper explores the concepts of "Border Culture" and "Borderlands" by Gloria Anzaldúa in Soy la Avon Lady and Other Stories, Homicide Survivors Picnic and Other Stories, by Lorraine López and the novel Mijito Doesn’t Live Here Anymore by Jaime Martínez. The paper argues that the Mexican American character in the southeast of the United States lives in the "Borderlands" and practices a "Border Culture" because they don't follow the traditional stereotypical role of the Mexican American character within the literary canon of both the dominant culture and Chicana/o literature.

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Dr. Jaime Chávez is an Assistant Professor of Spanish at Morehouse College. His research interest includes Mexican American narrative, U.S. Hispanic Literature, Film, and migration. He moved from Guanajuato, México to Tennessee, United States at the age of thirteen years old.

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