Managing Technology and Change in U.S. Public High Schools: A Concerns-Based Adoption Model Approach

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Proceedings of Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education International Conference




This paper combines the perspectives from multiple studies in mathematics and science classrooms and mathematics and science teacher professional development in U. S. public schools. These studies represented multiple technologies as innovations in education: telecommunications in high school science classrooms in the mid 1990s (Slough, 1998), graphing calculators to integrate high school mathematics and science in 2002-2004 (Slough, Chamblee, & Wunsch, 2003, 2004), and Interactive White Boards (IWB) in high school mathematics classrooms in 2008-2010 (Hall & Chamblee, 2009, 2010; Hall 2010). Across these studies, it has become apparent that technology presents a major concern for teachers and thus has profound implications for how they manage the ever changing roles of technology within the complex milieu of teaching and learning mathematics and science.