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Elizabeth Cline

Biography of Lecturer

Elizabeth L. Cline is a New York-based author, journalist, and expert on consumer culture, fast fashion, sustainability and labor rights in the apparel industry.

Elizabeth Cline is one of the world’s leading go-to experts on fast fashion, labor rights and sustainability in the apparel industry, and she is regularly interviewed on television and radio by globally recognized news outlets, including Al Jazeera, MSNBC, China Global Television Network, CBC News, The New York Times, and NPR.

Cline earned her degree in political philosophy from Syracuse University in 2001 and has almost two decades of experience in journalism, covering fashion, technology, labor, women’s rights, and the environment. She is currently a contributor to Forbes, Sierra and Atmos magaazine. You can read her recent work HERE. Her writing has appeared in Vogue Business, Slate, Los Angeles Times, The Atlantic, The New Yorker,,, The New Republic and The Nation, among others. Beginning in 2012, Cline began extensively researching the growing textile waste crisis in New York City and Nairobi, Kenya, where she filmed a documentary that is still in production. Additionally, she serves on the advisory council of Fashion Revolution USA, an educational nonprofit dedicate to ethical fashion.

An avid thrifter, mender and textile-enthusiast, Cline lives in Brooklyn with her partner, Joseph D. Rowland, of the heavy metal band Pallbearer.

Cline travels year-around to give lectures and presentations on fast fashion, textile waste, fashion sustainability, labor rights, and ethical consumerism.

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