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The Coming Disruptive Impact of Technology On Business and Society

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By enabling capabilities such as global outsourcing and the replacement of human workers in low skilled repetitive jobs, technology has already had a disruptive effect on society. Artificial Intelligence (AI), the ability of a machine to interact with its environment and take independent action to achieve its goals, is poised to accelerate these impacts. For example, the program Alpha Zero surpassed human capabilities in playing chess and, in fact, demonstrated better strategies for gameplay, IBM’s program Watson defeated the best human players on the game show Jeopardy, and driverless vehicles are being rapidly developed. Coupled with other technologies such as Data Analytics and the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence technology is poised to make disruptive changes to society that will transform all our lives. Dr. Cuellar discusses the progress of these disruptive technologies and their impact on employment, wage rates, and society while also highlighting the ethical issues involved in using these technologies.

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