Implants for Joint Replacement and Fracture Fixation: What Your Orthopedist Does Not Want You to Know

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This lecture examines the biomechanisms that dictate choice of implant and recommendation for removal or retention. Often, there is not a general consensus among surgeons as to the type of implant to use under specific conditions and whether this implant should be retained after fracture healing. The biomechanical performance information emanating from European and Eastern peer-reviewed works sometimes conflicts with inferences and practices based on Western peerreviewed research. Who is right? How do orthopedists determine what is best for patients? Other contradictions appear to exist between what manufacturers of implants claim and what independent researchers have found. Recently, there was a recall for a specific type of hip implant in the United States. How could such an event happen given the significant advances in biomedical technology? An independent biomechanical analysis of systems (hip replacement, forearm fracture), and an independent study of a decision-making scheme for forearm fracture fixation removal or retention, provide insight into solutions for optimizing orthopedic recommendations.

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