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Submissions from 2017

Support Network Connectedness in the Lives of Community Dwelling Rural Elders and Their Families, Adrienne L. Cohen and Colleen R. Bennett

Submissions from 2016


The Effects of Adoption Openness and Type on the Mental Health, Delinquency, and Family Relationships of Adopted Youth, Laura E. Agnich, April M. Schueths, Tiffany D. James, and Jeff J. Klibert

Social Supports as Enabling Factors in Nursing Home Admissions: Rural, Suburban, and Urban Differences, Adrienne L. Cohen and Jennifer Roebuck Bulanda

Submissions from 2015


Enhancing Scholarship of Teaching and Learning through Micro-Level Collaboration across Two Disciplines, Nancy M. Arrington and Adrienne L. Cohen


Enhancing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Through Micro-Level Collaboration Across Two Disciplines, Nancy M. Arrington and Adrienne L. Cohen

Student Journals: A Means of Assessing Transformative Learning in Aging Related Courses, Adrienne L. Cohen, Pamela Pitman Brown, and Justin P. Morales


Living Together, Living Apart Mixed Status Families and US Immigration Policy, April Schueths and Jodie Lawston


Barriers to Interracial Marriage? Examining Policy Issues Concerning U.S. Citizens Married to Undocumented Latino/a Immigrants, April M. Schueths

It Really Is Not Just Gay, But African American Gay’: The Impact of Community and Church on the Experiences of Black Lesbians Living in North-Central Florida, Clare F. Walsh

Submissions from 2014

Book Review of "DIY the Search for Control and Self-Reliance in the 21st Century" by Kevin Wehr, Adrienne L. Cohen


‘It's almost like white supremacy’: Interracial mixed-status couples facing racist nativism, April Schueths

Submissions from 2013

Family Assistance and Autonomy in the Lives of Rural Elders, Adrienne L. Cohen


Online teaching communities within sociology: A counter trend to the marketization of higher education, April Schueths

Submissions from 2012


History, Language, and Globalization in the North Carolina Cherokee Communities, Heidi M. Altman


Navigating around educational road blocks: Mentoring for Pre-K to 20+ Latino/a students, April Schueths

Submissions from 2011


Moving Around the Room: Cherokee Language, Worldview and Memory, Heidi M. Altman and Thomas N. Belt

Submissions from 2009


Tohi: The Cherokee State of Well­being, Heidi M. Altman and Thomas N. Belt

Submissions from 2008


Reading History: Cherokee History Through a Cherokee Lens, Heidi M. Altman and Thomas N. Belt