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Savannah grocer, Mr. Foley was a native of Leitrim County, Ireland, and was born between 1811 and 1815. After immigration to the United States on October 5th or 6, 1834, he took up residence in Savannah on October 24th or 25th, 1834. Several pieces of property were owned by Mr. Foley: Lots #4 & #5 Moore Tything, Percival Ward; Lot #5 Holland Tything, Percival Ward, Lot #6 Carpenter's Tything, Decker Ward; Lot #16 Crawford Ward; and Lot 47 West Farm Street . Owen Foley married Honor L, Kirby on January 12, 1851, and they had two children, Catherine and Francis O. who were both born before Owen's death on May 30. 1855.

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Biography of Owen Foley