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Georgia Southern University exists to provide an environment in which intellectual achievement, scholarship, and character development can flourish. The Georgia Southern community (Students, Faculty, and Staff) willingly shares the responsibility for sustaining a creative and productive atmosphere through adherence to the highest standards of personal and professional conduct. All who are privileged to be a part of Georgia Southern campus life must remain aware they are representatives of Georgia Southern University, whether they are on campus or elsewhere, and are therefore expected to avoid behavior that brings discredit or dishonor upon themselves or the University as an institution. Recognizing trust is the cornerstone of all human relations, Students will work to build and sustain the trust of their peers, the faculty, and staff by following both the letter and the spirit of the Code of Student Conduct. A Student-centered University embraces a campus climate in which civility and respect among members of the campus community is viewed vital to the overall ethical development of its Students.

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Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

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Vice President for Student Affairs


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