The "Kneed" to Know: Sports Injuries Throughout the Lifespan

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Presentation given at Physical Therapy Association-Combined Sections Meeting.

Millions of patients and athletes in the United States sustain knee injuries every year throughout the lifespan. Knee injuries are an epidemic throughout all stages of the life cycle. Each phase during the lifespan has unique types of injuries and considerations for physical therapist examination and intervention. This session will discuss examples of clinical decision making for examination, treatment, surgery, rehabilitation, and return to sports for athletes with knee injuries throughout the lifespan. One unique aspect of this session is the qualifications of the presenters: a 25-year-experienced clinician will discuss characteristics of pediatric knee injuries, a Division I-head physical therapist/head athletic trainer with 25 years of experience will discuss a unique case of a college player with a severe knee injury and what it took for the athlete to make it to the NFL, and a full-time NFL physical therapist/certified athletic trainer will discuss the “professional athlete's knee." Examples of various cases will be presented using video demonstrations and discussion of various patients.


Physical Therapy Association-Combined Sections Meeting


Denver, CO