Combat Sports: Different Types, Rehabilitation, Performance Enhancement, and How Self Defense May Save Your Life

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Presentation given at Physical Therapy Association-Combined Sections Meeting.

Combat sports, or mixed martial arts (MMA), is one of the fastest growing sports worldwide, and recently surpassed boxing as the most popular full-contact sport in the United States. However, despite the proliferation of general information on MMA, there is limited high-quality evidence available to inform clinicians and strength and conditioning specialists about the sport. This presentation will provide background information on combat sports and examples of some of the disciplines practiced by MMA fighters that are associated with the 3 fighting categories. The speakers will discuss the epidemiology, types, and severity of injuries and evaluate rehabilitation interventions, performance enhancement, and unique techniques for return to activity.

An article in the February 2019 issue of PT in Motion discussed the importance of public safety threats such as an active shooter incident. This session will provide background about an active shooter threat and what can be done: the 3 options are “Run, Hide, Fight.” The first part of this session will discuss the background information on an active shooter situation—how to prepare in advance and what to do if it occurs—and the second half of the session will deal with how martial arts can also play a role in this scenario.


Physical Therapy Association-Combined Sections Meeting


Denver, CO