IF-AT scratch-off cards (Lottery Tickets) to Solve Problems in introductory-level Physics Courses

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Multiple choice questions (MCQ) or objective response questions are a common form of assessment in introductory-level physics classes. Often these MCQs have been used in quizzes or exams that students respond just individually. Immediate Feedback and Assessment Technique forms (IF-AT) are similar to scratch-off lottery tickets. Students working as a group, on the other hand, have a positive impact on student learning, like students developing higher-level thinking, oral communication, self-management, and leadership skills. This study uses IF-AT forms for in-class quizzes in different introductory-level physics courses with either instructor-centered or student-centered teaching approaches. These quizzes consist of MCQs, with half the points based on individual work and half based on group work that involves the IF-AT scratch-off cards. During the latter part of the quiz, students discuss and choose what they feel is correct and scratch off that answer. If the choice is correct, they will receive full credit. If not, they may try again for partial credit. This presentation compares students' individual vs. group performances in different introductory-level physics courses solving MCQs using the IF-AT forms. We conclude with suggestions for implementing IF-AT forms and the increased use of studio and laboratory settings so that students can be a part of more groups rather than working alone. In addition, we suggest that doing clicker questions using IF-AT forms will improve student performances and decrease the cost to students.

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IF-AT scratch-off cards (Lottery Tickets) to Solve Problems in introductory-level Physics Courses

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