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Storing pallets of Stock Keeping Units (SKU's) on top of another in lanes on a warehouse floor is known as block stacking. This storage system is widely used in manufactoring systems and distribution centers. The arrangement of lanes in the layout of this system significantly impacts utilization of the storage space and transportation costs. Existing research that studies the layout for this system focuses exclusively on determining the optimal lane depth with respect to space utilization and ignores transportation costs. In this study, we develop a stimulation model that computes several performance metrics to evaluate both of these objectives for a warehouse layout. It aims to take the stochastic variations exists in the real world situation into account. Designing the layout based on the historical data distinguishes this model from the analytical models in the systems with high level of uncertainty, where determining the required parameters for analytical models are difficult due to the high variations. We verified the model using the existing analytical models and developed and transportation costs in the layout design problem.


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Progress in Material Handling Research: 2016