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Knowing that, in an automated storage and retrieval system, the travel time of the storage/retrieval machine is an important parameter which affects the whole system performances, several works were dedicated to its evaluation and its modeling, in single, dual and multi command. These models were proposed for different configurations of AS/RS; such as unit load, multi-aisles and Mobile Racks. These models are based mainly on a discrete approach and the analytical expressions represent the system functioning exactly. In this paper we present a general approach for analytical modeling of multi command cycle time by giving particularly the modeling of the Time Between that we will use to model the Dual Cycle time and the Multi Cycle time. This continuous approach with its simplified mathematical expressions aims to make the calculations more easy than the discrete approach and can be generalized for any one deep physical configuration of AS/RSs and later used to make an optimization of the dimensions of such systems. Key words: Multi-aisles automated storage and retrieval systems, analytical modeling, multi-cycle.


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Progress in Material Handling Research: 2016