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Georgia Southern University, Newsroom Archives, Herty, Herty Advanced Materials Development Center, Nonwovens Institute, Cooperative Research and Development Agreement, Fibers, Islands-in-the-sea, Walter Chappas, Behnam Pourdeyhimi, Student sustainability fee, Sustainability projects, Sustainability Fee Committee, Lissa Leege, Center for Sustainability, James Grigg, Danda Rawat, Patrick Reinhardt, Ji Wu, Shaowen Xu, David Faircloth, Carolyn Altman, Dominique Halaby, Katie Reams, Abbie Pelech, Chuck Taylor, Frank Gross, Rami Haddad, Youakim Kalaani, Jason Schmidt

Main Headlines

  • Herty Launches CRADA with the Nonwovens Institute to Develop Specialty Fibers
  • University’s Student Sustainability Fee Funds $198K in Sustainability Projects


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