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Georgia Southern University, Newsroom Archives, Archery, Olympic, Cassy Pelton, Southern Eagles Archery Club, Ankara 2016 World Archery Indoor Championships, Center for Sustainability, University Wellness Program, No Impact Week, Enactus, 2016 Regional Champion, Enactus Regional Competition, Economics, Ryan Murchland, Luke Panosian, Zachary Lemons, Zack Rogers, Anisha Mathur, Bailey Morris, Paws N Claws, Supplying Individuals the Tools for Success, Southern Classic Gaming Tournament, S.U.I.T.S., Enactus United States National Exposition

Main Headlines

  • Georgia Southern archer's Olympic dreams come into sharper focus in Ankara, Turkey
  • Center for Sustainability and University Wellness Program host 6th annual No Impact Week
  • Georgia Southern Enactus Earn 2016 Regional Champion Title


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