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Georgia Southern University, Newsroom Archives, Eagle Battalion, Ranger Challenge, 6th Brigade Army ROTC, ROTC, Camp Blanding, Adler, Grant Allen, Luc Aviles, Aaron Bohan, William Eberhart, John Dudley, Caleb Herd, Dakota Jones, Madison Stewart, Tania Camacho, Sean de la Torre, Alumnus, Seth Orme, Packing It Out, Littering, Center for Sustainability, National Youth-At-Risk Conference, College of Education, Division of Continuing Education, Helping Adults Serve Youth

Main Headlines

  • Georgia Southern's Eagle Battalion Ranger Challenge Team Takes 2nd Place at 6th BDE
  • Georgia Southern Alumnus Seth Orme to Present 'Packing It Out'
  • National Youth-At-Risk Conference set for March 5-8 in Savanah


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