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Georgia Southern University, My News, Marketing, Communications, Pulitzer Prize, Jose Antonio Vargas, Immigration, DefineAmerican.com, #EmergingUS, "Immigration: Legality vs. Humanity", The New York Times, TIME magazine, National Signing Day Event 2016, Coach Tyson Summers, Research Symposium 2016, Sankofa African-American Museum, Multicultural Student Center, Awardwinning journalists, 'Voting as an Informed Citizen' at Georgia Southern, Ted Koppel, Mara Liasson, Eugene Robinson, University’s Leadership Lecture Series, GSInfo Community


  • Pulitzer Prize winner Jose Antonio Vargas to discuss immigration
  • Learn about the newest Eagles at the National Signing Day Event Feb. 3
  • Research Symposium 2016 now accepting submissions
  • Sankofa African­American Museum visits the Union
  • Award­winning journalists discuss 'Voting as an Informed Citizen' at Georgia Southern


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