Co-Gasification of Municipal Solid Waste and Biomass in a Commercial Scale Downdraft Gasifier

Prakashbhai R. Bhoi, Oklahoma State University
Raymond L. Huhnke, Oklahoma State University
Ajay Kumar, Oklahoma State University
Natarianto Indrawan, Oklahoma State University
Sunil Thapa, Oklahoma State University


In this study, municipal solid waste was gasified with switchgrass, i.e., co-gasification, using a commercial-scale downdraft gasifier to produce power. The experiments were performed using a commercial-scale 100 kg/h downdraft gasifier at co-gasification ratios of 0, 20 and 40%. The hot and cold gas efficiencies, syngas compositions, heating value and yield, gasifier temperatures and tar content were measured and analyzed. The results indicate that co-gasification of up to 40% MSW performed satisfactorily. The heating values of syngas were 6.2, 6.5 and 6.7 MJ/Nm3 for co-gasification ratios of 0, 20 and 40%, respectively. The cold and hot gas efficiencies were 60.1, 51.1 and 60.0% and 65.0, 55.2 and 64.4% for co-gasification ratios of 0, 20 and 40%, respectively.