Assessment of a Digital Teaching and Learning Environment

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Contribution to Book

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Proceedings of the ASEE Southeastern Section Annual Conference


A digital teaching and learning environment was implemented in an undergraduate engineering course. McGraw-Hill Connect®, the digital teaching and learning environment in question, was used to replace traditional homework assignments worked by hand and submitted in class with digital homework assignments. Student performance, in the form of homework, quiz, and exam grades, was used to evaluate the effectiveness of McGraw-Hill Connect®. When compared with students in a separate section who submitted homework assignments worked by hand, students who utilized Connect® increased their average homework, quiz, and exam grades by 10.1%, 3.7%, and 14.9% respectively. In addition, 100% of the students were satisfied with their use of Connect Plus® and would use it again in future courses. Additionally, McGraw-Hill Connect® reduced grading time as assignments are automatically graded, reduced the number of office hour visits as related to homework assignments, and provided item analysis and at-risk reports which allowed for early intervention for struggling students.