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Many classically used function space structures (including the topology of pointwise convergence, the compact-open topology, the Isbell topology and the continuous convergence) are induced by a hyperspace structure counterpart. This scheme is used to study local properties of function space structures on C(X,R), such as character, tighntess, fan-tightness, strong fan-tightness, the Fr{\'e}chet property and some of its variants. Under mild conditions, local properties of C(X,R) at the zero function correspond to the same property of the associated hyperspace structure at X. The latter is often easy to characterize in terms of covering properties of X. This way, many classical results are recovered or refined, and new results are obtained. In particular, it is shown that tightness and character coincide for the continuous convergence on C(X,R) and is equal to the Lindel{\"o}f degree of X. As a consequence, if X is consonant, the tightness of C(X,R) for the compact-open topology is equal to the Lindel{\"o}f degree of X.


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