Recent Advances in Harmonic Analysis and Applications: In Honor of Konstantin Oskolkov

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Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics








Georgia Southern faculty member Alexander Stokolos co-edited Recent Advances in Harmonic Analysis and Applications: In Honor of Konstantin Oskolkov in collaboration with non-faculty members Laura De Carli, Dmitriy Bilyk, Alexander Petukhov, and Brett D. Wick.

Book Summary: Recent Advances in Harmonic Analysis and Applications is dedicated to the 65th birthday of Konstantin Oskolkov and features contributions from analysts around the world.

The volume contains expository articles by leading experts in their fields, as well as selected high quality research papers that explore new results and trends in classical and computational harmonic analysis, approximation theory, combinatorics, convex analysis, differential equations, functional analysis, Fourier analysis, graph theory, orthogonal polynomials, special functions, and trigonometric series.

Numerous articles in the volume emphasize remarkable connections between harmonic analysis and other seemingly unrelated areas of mathematics, such as the interaction between abstract problems in additive number theory, Fourier analysis, and experimentally discovered optical phenomena in physics. Survey and research articles provide an up-to-date account of various vital directions of modern analysis and will in particular be of interest to young researchers who are just starting their career. This book will also be useful to experts in analysis, discrete mathematics, physics, signal processing, and other areas of science.