The Mathematica Handbook

The Mathematica Handbook

Martha L. Abell, GeorgiaSouthern University
James P. Braselton, Georgia Southern University


The Mathematica Handbook provides all the Mathematica commands and objects along with typical examples of them. This handbook is intended as a reference of all built-in Mathematica Version 2.0 objects to both beginning and advanced users of Mathematica.

The book contains commands and examples of those commands found in the packages of Mathematica, a system for doing mathematics on a computer. The Preface describes how to use the entries of The Handbook and then briefly discusses elementary rules of Mathematica syntax, defining functions, and using commands that are contained in the standard Mathematica packages. Subsequent chapters provide commands for calculations in Calculus, Statistics, and Numerical Math. The commands in these sections are listed within each package, and the packages are listed alphabetically within each folder (or directory) as well.

The book will be of use to engineers, computer scientists, physical scientists, mathematicians, business professionals, and students.