Is On-Line Distance Education a Viable Alternative for Undergraduates? An Experiment With the Students in Georgia, the Professor in Australia

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Proceedings of the International Academy for Information Management (IAIM) Annual Conference: International Conference on Informatics Education and Research (ICIER)


This paper reports the results of a study conducted with non-IS undergraduate students undertaking an online distance education class. Although the sample size is small and there is some self-selection, it provides some preliminary answers to what such students see as the advantages and disadvantages of online education, whether these perceptions change with experience and to what extent such classes are effective. The study focuses on three main issues: the potential attractiveness (or unattractiveness) of online distance education to such students; the role of student experience in online distance education; and satisfaction with, and effectiveness of, such courses. The results of the study suggest that: some student students see online distance education in a very positive light; that these perceptions don't change with experience; and the learning outcomes can be positive. The distance education survey and follow-up questions are appended. Includes four figures. (Contains 18 references.) (Author/AEF)


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