Perceived Relevance and Quality of POM Journals: A Decade Later

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Journal of Operations Management




This research is a 10‐year update on the rankings of perceived relevance and quality of selected Production and Operations Management (POM) journals that was reported by Barman et al. (1991) [Journal of Operations Management 10 (2), 194–212)]. The results show some changes in the perceptions of journals over the past decade. Some journals are perceived to be extremely relevant to POM research, but not particularly of “high” quality. For other journals, the reverse is true — “high” quality is perceived but the published studies are not considered particularly relevant to POM. The Journal of Operations Management remained atop the relevance rankings and retained its position among the top three journals for quality. The study identifies factors that the respondents say influence their perception of journal quality. Finally, the paper finds some evidence that association with the editorial board of a journal affects one’s perceptions of the quality and relevance of that journal.