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Making Data Bearable, Part 1: Data Management Basics
During this hands-on workshop, participants explore challenges and best practices related to research data management. Working in groups, participants perform a rudimentary data analysis and create figures and tables capturing the correlation between Gummi Bear flavor and "springiness." In the process, participants explore different kinds of research data and discuss manipulation, analysis, visualization, reporting, and sharing data for different audiences. This workshop is a precursor to discussing data management planning, especially as it relates to grant funding and publisher requirements. Specific skills covered include creating basic figures and charts in Excel and PowerPoint.

Making Data Bearable, Part 2: Preparing Datasets
This hands-on workshop introduces data preservation techniques by asking participants to prepare a shareable dataset using the data products they produced during Making Data Bearable, Part 1. Both parts can run back-to-back inside two hours. Part 1 can be offered independently; however, part 2 should follow Part 1, ideally immediately.


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