Library Faculty Personnel Policy (Pre-Consolidation)


Zach S. Henderson Library is the chief mediator between the community of Georgia Southern University scholars to which it belongs; the ever growing student body it serves; and the corporate conveyers of information. The Library serves as conservator of traditional knowledge forms and cultural legacies, and is at the heart of a rapidly evolving system of scholarly communication. Continuing technological advances have changed the delivery systems of information, and have added, via the internet, a cyberspace learning environment that transcends geographical borders. In fulfilling the Library’s mission, Henderson librarians practice the profession of librarianship as clinical faculty, as distinct from being teaching and research faculty in a school of library science. For this reason, performance expectations emphasize excellence in librarianship, service to the profession and university, and scholarship, in that priority order. As a result, the following guidelines and criteria apply to all tenure track library faculty to help meet performance expectations.