Parallel Universes Converge - Delivery Services in Georgia's Public and Academic Libraries

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This panel discussion will look at the joint venture of USG and PINES libraries to expand the use of a courier delivery service for interlibrary loans, which for years has delivered independently to both groups. In an effort to cut costs while improving efficiency and turn-around time for in-state interlibrary loan returnables, a plan was developed to expand the use of the courier service between the two groups. Representatives from the Courier Expansion Pilot Project will describe the project, relate their experiences including obstacles met and tackled throughout the project, and discuss the current status and future of the project and what it means for all USG and PINES libraries and their circulation and interlibrary loan staff. This session will be of particular interest to anyone who participates in interlibrary loan, PINES, or GIL Express.


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Georgia Council of Media Organization Annual Conference (GaCOMO)


Athens, GA