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In January 2021, the US passed the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Act of 2020. The goal is a cohesive federal AI initiative, and part of that is safety, ethics, and transparency. The act includes funding appropriations for 2021-2025, and roll out takes place over that time. In implementing this law, there is recent and ongoing activity to regulate AI in the US. Regular calls for public participation go out to the public on in the form of open ended questions on which input is requested, and feedback on reports or action plans.

The linked data community is uniquely positioned to understand and clarify issues related to data quality and how it affects a larger system built on data. Current AI is based on machine learning, or looking at large amounts of data, recognizing patterns in that data, and inferring new information based on past patterns.

Right now, the US is in early stages of determining big picture issues. For anyone following AI ethics, there is a current opportunity to give feedback that must be considered and that may shape the future of AI ethics.

This poster overviews the process and how to participate.

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Georgia Southern University faculty member, Wilhelmina Randtke presented Ways to participate in ongoing regulation around artificial intelligence ethics in the United States intelligence ethics in the United States in the LD4, July 2023.