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This collection includes the University Policies for Legal Affairs at Georgia Southern University.

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The Survey Distribution Policy is now located with the Enrollment Management Policies.

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European Union General Data Protection Regulation Compliance
Issued: August 16, 2018


Formulation and Issuance of University Policies
Issued: October 22, 2013; Updated: November 5, 2013; Revised: April 7, 2022


Negotiation and Execution of Contracts Policy
Issued: August 1, 2011; Updated: March 20, 2017; Revised: July 9, 2024


Non-Student Minors on Campus Policy
Issued: March 20, 2017; Updated: February 22, 2024; Revised: December 15, 2023


Sexual Harassment Policy
Issued: January 10, 2019


University Statutes
Issued: March 3, 1970; Updated: November 13, 2018; Revised: July 12, 2024