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Guest Editor

Brenda Marina, Georgia Southern University


Betty Cox, Senior Editor, University of Tennessee at Martin

Young Imm Kang Song, Assistant Editor, Lesley University


While it is clear that gender inequity still exists, this situation is compounded by race, ethnicity and sexism. The daily experiences of women confirm that racism and sexism is alive and well. This article presents and examines the experiences of Latino, Black, Arab, and Asian professional women and the consequences of their career decisions. Synthesized with literature, conceptual patterns of significance are noted for young girls and women of color aspiring and pursuing professional careers in education. The strategies utilized by these diverse professional women to cope with the trials and tribulations of contemporary educational and professional challenges are reviewed. It is necessary to continue to educate the public about the struggles and successes of women of diverse backgrounds to assist both high school and college age women as they prepare to contribute to the global economy of the 21st century.

Publication Date

Fall 2013

Volume Number

Volume 1

Issue Number

Special Issue

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Women in academia, Women of color, Minority women, Gender inequity, Race, Ethnicity, Sexism, Academy


Disability and Equity in Education | Education | Gender and Sexuality | Higher Education | Race and Ethnicity

The Voices and Choices of Women in the Academy