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Fall 12-5-1968


Armstrong State College, Savannah, GA, Student newspaper, Henry Ashmore, Durrell, ASC, Ashmore, Sue Jaye Conner, Jacques Loussier Trio, Lyceum Committee, John F. Kennedy, Bob Dimmick, The Saxons, Georgia National Education Association (NEA), Fine Film Series, Kiwanis Club of Savannah, James T. Rogers, International Relations Committee, Lola Carlson, Fine Film Series, Inkwell, Constitution Committee, Danny Stell, Jim Stephens, Student Conduct Code, Orange Hall


  • Inkwell Requests Solutions For Future Sue Jaye Conner
  • Ashmore Declares Discipline Problem in Student's Hands
  • Senior Barbeque Termed Success by Organizers
  • Games Politicians Play Joe Kelley
  • Packed House Enjoys Masquers' Production Bill Dutton
  • Pirates Split First series; Stell Tops Armstrong Scorers


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