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Fall 10-26-1967


Armstrong State College, Savannah, GA, Student newspaper, Henry L. Ashmore, ASC< Chatham County Liquor Institute, Robert Crokin, John A. Peters, National Defense Education Act, Fall Lyceum Series, Josh White, Southern Association of Colleges and Universities, Ashmore, Frank Chew, Student Center, Student Center, Harry Persse, Office of Placement, Faculty Council, Chairman of the Executive Committee, Joseph Killorin, Doyle Kelly, Athletic Department, George Bedwell


  • Liquor Group Gives $1000 as Memorial
  • Student Center Addition to Begin in December
  • Lecture Concert Series Begins With Show by Josh White, Jr.
  • Admissions Committee Lowers Requirements
  • Editorials
  • Faculty Governing Body Undergoes Realignment
  • Season's Outlook Seems Favorable Jim Overstreet


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