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Armstrong State College, Savannah, GA, Student newspaper, Student Center, Office of Academic Computing, Computer Center, Konrad Clemens, Jacob Powell, College Work Study Program (CWSP), Guaranteed Student Loan Program (GSL), Financial Aid, President Burnett, College Union Board, Charles Nash, School of Education, American Chemical Society, John Parrish, Renny Bryner, Willis Jones, Eddie Aenchbacher, Roy Sims, Bob Patterson, Betty Ford, Gloria Gill


  • Old Student Center Gone
  • Fountain Gets Facelift Stanley Cross
  • What's Going on Here? Peter Clonts
  • Get Your Financial Aid Now Terri Lyles
  • Sexual Assault - The Attack, The Trial, and the Assistance to the Victim Marti Martinez
  • Get Help Now
  • On Campus
  • Pirate Fever - Catch It!

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