Windows Reverse TCP Attack: The Threat of Out-of-Date Machinery

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5th International Symposium on Multidisciplinary Studies and Innovative Technologies (ISMSIT) Proceedings




— As computers continue to play a more critical role in everyday life, it becomes ever more important to secure the devices to which we entrust our personal and private data. This paper serves to detail the security issues present in out-of-date machinery in both the organizational and personal settings. This paper tests a Windows 10 machine running version 1511, and its ability to withstand a targeted virus attack. First, we examine the tools used to create a Reverse TCP virus. Second, we discuss how to generate the virus using those tools and deliver the payload to our Windows machine. Finally, we showcase what can be done to the targeted machine by creating our own user in the database and accessing the Windows machine remotely from our Kali Linux machine. This study has implications for researchers and practitioners by illustrating the destructive capabilities of a simple virus and what can be done to secure a network against such threats.


Georgia Southern University faculty member, Hayden Wimmer co-authored Windows Reverse TCP Attack: The Threat of Out-of-Date Machinery.