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Kelsey Keane, Paola Robelo, Sarah Ryniker


Kelsey Keane, Paola Robelo



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Inquiry and Creativity


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Publication Date

Spring 2014


Georgia Southern University

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University Honors Program, Georgia Southern University, Inquiry and creativity, Steven Engel, Critical sense of inquiry, Civic responsibility, Spirit of creativity, Global perspective, Maria Alejandra Amiel, Alicia Burrus, Taryn Connelly, Michael Coner, James Devlin, Emily Dodd, Lauren Gorla, Chelsea Medeiros, Aleyna Rentz, Yavaria Ryan, Laura Smith, Mikaela Schupp, Carlie Ayn Williams, Francis Desiderio, Erin Martin, Undergraduate research, Madeline Bunn, Stephanie Shipley, Honors thesis, Capstone project, Summer Fields, Kacie Thorne, Auschwitz, Rudolph Hoss, Composting, Sustainability, Sarah Simpson, Healthy eating, Paola Robelo, Jade Boykin, Sleep deprivation, Carson Downs, Personal identity, Assimilation, Shawna Wade, James Zachary Akins, Photodynamic cancer therapy, Kimberlee Beall, Stroke rehabilitation, Jana Simmons, Medicaid expansion, Xavier Brown, African-American vote, Mattie Raiford, Elijah Anderson, U.S. humanitarian intervention, Jeffery Silvey, Angels in America, Homosexuality in drama, Brittany Partridge, Women's suffrage, James Farmer, Democratic Peace Principle, Joshua Rogers, Moldova, National identity, Jack St. Jean, Ticks, Arielle Coambes, Web Interactive Networks for Georgia Southern, Caleb Swain, Carbon dioxide emissions, Taylor Roberson, Teacher qualities, Sarah Gleissle, International financial systems, Daniel Ogden, American eels, Caroline Greene, Adults with developmental disabilities, Jordan Garret, Dogfish sharks, Ty Von Plinsky, Theremin, Claire Goodwin, Emergency training, Osazee Paul, Predictive analytics, Ariel Vipond, Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Mallory Taylor, Prisoner stereotypes, Christian Blayne May, Juror perceptions of attorneys, Kristin Campbell, Self-control and resilience, Shannon Rhodes, Heavy transition metal cations, Phillip Burns, Mayan archeology, Corinna Miller, Overpopulation in Romania, Haley Cronon, Personal fitness, Alexa Lowery, Scripted education, James Kelly, Social media marketing, Emily Hulsey, Sex trafficking, Liana Moran, Alyssa Johnson, Intercountry adoptions, Cydnee Jones, Asea Gilmore, Katelyn Yeomans, Abstract algebra, Brittany Woods, Aerobic exercise, Kelsey Keane, Trauma narratives, Dora Suarez, Katie Googe, Blow fly bristles, Juan Diego Guevara Pinto, Reasoning and decision making, Colleen McNally, Andrea McCollum, Alicia Burrus, Sexism in literature, Psychology, Mate selection, Michael Putnam, Norn language, Study abroad, Ireland, Southeast Asia, Alternative break trips, Camp Twin Lakes, Southern Regional Honors Council Conference, National Collegiate Honors Council Conference, Hew Joiner, Georgia Collegiate Honors Council Conference, College of Business Administration, Fulbright Student Grant, Kosovo, Cameron Feriante, Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship


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