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Kelsey Keane, Paola Robelo


Kelsey Keane, Paola Robelo, Jeremy Willburn & Ty Von Plinsky



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Undergraduate Research


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Spring 2013


Georgia Southern University

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University Honors Program, Georgia Southern University, Undergraduate research, Honors program, Stigma consciousness, Beaver dams, Pitcher plant mosquito, Chemotherapy, Middle grades education, Betrayal, Sustainability, High performance concrete, Sand fiddler crab, Hiring best practices, God relationship, Adult attitudes toward teen pregnancy, Sexual education, Adults with disabilities, Budget and school athletic performance, Natural dyes, Enzyme identification, Greenhouse gases, Language in discourse, Patient education, Concept of underworld in literature, Social media effects on athletics, Impacts of human development on marsh ecosystems, Effective websites for small businesses, Laughter as therapy, Theatre set design, French public opinion of homosexuality, Twitter in journalism, Invasive species, Crumb rubber modified asphalt, Student difficulty with mathematics, Tudor dynasty, Gender stereotyping, Women leaders, Ceramic glazes, English Language Learners, Best business practices, Environmental advertisements, Interracial dating, International law, Foreign relations, Aristotle, Blade Runner, Citizenship, Early childhood education, Mathematics, Fractions, Microwave synthesis, Showrooming, Physical therapy students, Beach sand temperature, St. Catherines Island, Loggerhead sea turtle hatchings, Abnormal data detection in cyber physical systems, Mental disorders in literature, William Faulkner, Virginia Wolfe, Schizophrenia, Psychopathy, Roy F. Powell Award for Creative Writing, Taylor Tyson, Efadul Hug, Erin Martin, 2013 Georgia Collegiate Honors Conference, 2012 National Collegiate Honors Conference, 2013 Southern Regional Honors Conference, Charles Minshew, Pulitzer Prize, Denver Post, Aurora, Colorado movie theater shootings, 30th anniversary of honors education at Georgia Southern University, Bell Honors Program, University Honors Program, Dr. Hew Joiner, Dr. Fred Richter, Bell Memorial Oak, Orell Bernard "Red" Bell, Bell Memorial Tree


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